Our Services

Transformational change: PH&A help clients’ to design, plan and implement business and behavioural changes to improve organisational performance. We work closely with our clients to define a vision for change and align on priorities to ensure that this message carries through the organisation. We often work on site and assist our clients to effectively implement change management strategies.

Capacity building: PH&A aid our clients to advance their ability to meet challenges and adapt to rapidly changing environments by delivering learning strategies that develop skills and capabilities within their organisation.

Executive coaching: PH&A work with leaders, individually and in groups, to improve their leadership capabilities and skills and increase their impact in the organisation. We can coach and mentor to ensure change management is effectively implemented and to build change management capability.

Talent strategies: PH&A help develop and deploy HR and talent strategies that align with their overall organisational objectives, workforce trends and organisational culture.

Stakeholder management: PH&A support clients to engage with key stakeholders in aspects of change management activities and programs. We can help to identify and build strategic stakeholder relationships and partnerships.

Government relations: PH&A assist our clients to build and maintain government relationships and prepare effective submissions.

Obtaining resources: PH&A understand the challenge of obtaining the resources you need. We help our clients to identify and find the right opportunities and create the best proposals, thrive and deliver their projects, programs, activities or services.

Organisational effectiveness: PH&A collaborate with clients to research, plan, implement and evaluate their efforts. We will work side-by-side with clients to help according to the unique needs of each stage of their program or project. We can provide start-to-finish assistance, working with the client as long as needed.

Internal and external communications: PH&A works closely with our clients to develop effective communication plans and materials. We help our clients with developing media releases, annual reports, Board communiqués, newsletters and website content.

Developing tools and learning resources: PH&A collaborate with clients to develop a range of specific learning and educational materials.